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Executive Board

Growth through innovation

2018 marked the start of a journey towards a new and promising future for the Verkehrsbüro Group. Visible indications of this are the establishment of the forward-looking ‘2b ahead’ strategy as well as the newly-formed executive board, consisting of Martin Winkler (Spokesman of the Management Board), Helga Freund and Helmut Richter, which delivered remarkable results in its first full financial year: both adjusted revenues and consolidated EBT experienced double-digit growth.

Rather than resting on our laurels, our focus is firmly on our shared vision. In times of rapid change, we are embarking on a journey to actively shape the future of tourism. We address dynamic markets and changing customer needs by means of innovative power and an unwavering focus on the customer in all business areas. We launched numerous projects in 2018 which will safeguard our success in a digital future. 

Our mission: to create something special. This applies to our guests, our employees and the respect we earn from our partners and investors. The following pages provide an overview of our company and operations. Jump aboard and enjoy a trip through the world of the Verkehrsbüro Group – a growing, profitable flagship company in Austria and the number one in the tourism sector.

Vorstand: Winkler, Freund, Richter


We are creating something special – be part of it!

The Verkehrsbüro Group is built on a stable basis which spans all key business areas in the tourism sector. The group stands for strong brands and leading market positions. In 2018, we were able to increase our adjusted revenues by 19% to €615 million. EBT rose by 11.9%, consolidated earnings rose by 18.4%. We will continue this success story in the years ahead guided by our future-oriented ‘2b ahead’ strategy. 

*As this was the first accounting in accordance with IFRS 15, only the commissions are shown as revenue. Otherwise the consolidated revenue 2018 would have amounted to €1,023 billion. 

Key figures
EBIT in million € (+11.7%)
EBT in million € (+11.9%)
Consolidated earnings in million € (+18.4%)
Operating cash flow in million € (+9.7%)
Return on equity in % (+2.6%)

(Changes compared to previous year)

  • 17.5% - Travel agencies
  • 5.8% - Business travel
  • 7.9% - Tour operators
  • 4.2% - Multi-channel sales
  • 53.3% - Hotels
  • 3.9% - Palais Events
  • 7.1% - Holding company
As of: 31.12.2018

With around 3,000 employees, the Verkehrsbüro Group is the largest domestic employer in the industry. Tourism is a people’s business. Only highly motivated employees are able to offer the level of service that our guests deserve and appreciate. That’s why we encourage regular training for all employees. Around 200 job-specific seminars and workshops at our in-house academy safeguard our high quality standards. The regular assessment of employee satisfaction and its continual improvement is one of our key objectives for the coming years.

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101 years
of experience

The implementation of our new corporate strategy, “2b ahead - Verkehrsbüro Strategy 2022”, started in 2018. The Verkehrsbüro Group can build on 101 years of experience. This new strategy represents our future direction in a dynamic market environment. The foundation of our success has always been a strong customer focus. This maxim applies both online and offline - and that 24/7. We are where our customers need us. Our mission: we make every trip, every overnight stay and every event a very special experience for our customers. 

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Investors and Partners

Innovative power
with added value

The Verkehrsbüro Group is Austria’s largest tourism enterprise. Working with us as a partner allows you to benefit from 101 years of experience and our innovative power as a profitable and growing industry leader in the Austrian economy. We manage real estate sustainably and profitably to create long-term value added for investors and partners.

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100 chancen

Born in 1981, Martin Winkler, MBA, has been spokesman of the Verkehrsbüro Group’s executive board since 1 October 2017. He is responsible for the hotel and events division, consisting of the brands Austria Trend Hotels, Palais Events, as well as the group-level areas of strategy, corporate governance, marketing and communication, accounting and controlling. Winkler has been with the Verkehrsbüro Group since 2001. He initially joined the group as an assistant to the executive board before subsequently assuming responsibility for group marketing and controlling. In 2012the father of two children was appointed joint manager of Eurotours and three years later he joined the management of the Verkehrsbüro hotel division.

Martin Winkler - 2019

Born in 1961, Helga Freund has been a member of the company’s executive board since 2015 and is responsible for leisure tourism, with the brands Eurotours and Ruefa, the investment in Intertravel, and for IT at group level. Her career started in 1993 at Eurotours, where she took on various management positions in hotel contracting, sales, incoming as well as product and yield management. She has been a management team member at Eurotours since 2012 and also at Ruefa since 2017.

Verkehrsbuero_Vorstandsmitglied_Helga_Freund_c-VerkehrsbueroGroup_JenniferFetz (4)

Born in 1965, Helmut Richter was appointed to the executive board of the Verkehrsbüro Group in 2017. He is responsible for business tourism, with the brands Verkehrsbüro Business Travel, AX Travel Management and Austropa Interconvention, as well as for the group-level management of human resources, purchasing, building technology and legal affairs. Having studied business administration, he has held various management positions within the Verkehrsbüro Group since 2000.

Helmut Richter