Investors and Partners

Innovative power with added value

The Verkehrsbüro Group is Austria’s largest tourism enterprise. Working with us as a partner allows you to benefit from 101 years of experience and our innovative power as a profitable and growing industry leader in the Austrian economy. We manage real estate sustainably and profitably to create long-term value added for investors and partners.

100 chancen

Our hotel group

Austria Trend Hotels is Austria’s largest hotel group, with nearly 10,000 beds in 28 hotels located throughout Austria (26), Slovakia (1) and Slovenia (1). Our core market is Vienna. We welcome more than two million guests every year. In 2018, we managed to boost revenues from the existing portfolio of the Austria Trend Hotels by 8.7% to € 169.1 million and RevPAR by 5.2%. 

Our aspiration

We attach considerable importance to outstanding operational excellence. This is reflected in the excellent reviews posted by our guests on online platforms. The average rating by an Austria Trend Hotel guest on rose from 8.3 to 8.7 during the period 2013 to 2018. In other words, our services are rated by our customers as “fabulous” on average.

Your investment

The following options exist for an investment or a partnership with Austria’s largest hotel group:

Lease agreement

An all-in agreement represents a worry-free form of passive investment. As the leaseholder of your property, we manage all of your concerns in the long term. Just lean back and watch us generate returns and growth.

Management agreement

Under a management agreement, we take over all of the operations of your hotel with all the associated opportunities and risks, taking particular care to ensure however that revenues and earnings increase. Key decisions are taken jointly with you and then implemented.

Franchise agreement

Two of our hotels are covered by a franchise agreement and are managed under a third-party brand. We work in close cooperation with the franchiser to implement not only the standards desired but also to complement the partnership with our many years of experience as a host and our expertise in the Austrian hotel market.

Joint venture 

As an expert in the Austrian hotel market and a strong financial partner, we supported the German hotel group Motel One with its launch in the Austrian market in 2011. Since then, we have maintained a successful joint venture with Motel One covering all Austrian sites.

Our services

In addition to the image and brand awareness of our hotel group, you can also benefit from our strong sales team which, alongside the revenue management department, personally undertakes everything needed to ensure sales success. This is complimented by the work of our experts in the e-commerce as well as the marketing and communications departments to ideally position hotels. Other services, such as IT support, central purchasing, internal training events and quality management, round off the comprehensive range of services offered to our hotel partners.

“We are a reliable and professional ally to our investors and partners. As Austria’s largest hotel group, we have many years of experience in hosting guests. Our sustainable and outstanding operational excellence is reflected in top guest ratings and a steady growth trajectory. We are also open to and interested in helping small and medium-sized hotel groups grow as a partner by means of various investment models.”

Martin Winkler
Martin Winkler - 2019