Tour operators

Eurotours is the largest provider of tours which are sold directly and which cover all forms of organized tours. These extend from travel to popular holiday destinations, to city trips, cruises and long-haul destinations. These global products are marketed and sold in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. A further key focus is on organizing group travel for various organizations such as pensioners’ associations, sports clubs, to international sporting events and also company outings.

As tour operators, Ruefa and Jumbo are becoming increasingly important on the grounds of their highly-exclusive and tailor-made in-house products, with long-haul trips to destinations in Africa and the Indian Ocean, as well as educational tours and cruises developing particularly well in 2018. Revenues totaling €260.3 million were generated in the tour operator segment in 2018.


Austria and the entire world

In its role as a one-stop shop, Eurotours has been combining individual services to create attractive packages and selling these through sales partners for nearly 40 years. Particular attention is paid to the selection of appropriate sales partners. A dedicated booking platform is maintained for every cooperation partner and we also deal with all administration tasks, including cancellations and reservation changes.

Successful sales cooperation

Eurotours cooperates with renowned European brands, ranging from retailer chains to logistics providers. HOFER REISEN in particular has developed in recent years to become a brand enjoying cult status. This cooperation celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2018. Since it was founded, HOFER REISEN has served more than six million travelers. With outstanding success: a recommendation rate of 96% speaks volumes. HOFER REISEN has in the meantime become the largest provider of tours in Austria, with more than half a million passengers every year, and has received numerous awards including, most recently, that of Industry Champion and 1st place among travel sites awarded by the Austrian Society for Consumer Studies (ÖGVS). 

It was also possible to expand the successful cooperation between Eurotours and the food discounter ALDI Süd (Germany) to the Hungarian market. Via the tour operator ALDI Utazás, it is now possible to book around 55,000 hotels and flights based on a model similar to that of HOFER REISEN in Austria. Eurotours has also worked closely with Aldi Suisse in Switzerland and ALDI Süd throughout Germany for many years.

Just Away

The own brand Just Away was further developed in the past business year. This brand stands for new deals and special offers published on a weekly basis on the site The platform operated by Eurotours Deutschland GmbH combines attractive packages with interesting discounts and promotes trips to destinations ranging from Austria to Australia. While the share of revenues generated by Just Away was still single-digit in 2018, the plan is to increase this in the direction of double digits in the midterm.

Trendsetter: From smart helmets to e-bikes

Besides offering excellent value for money, Eurotours’ travel products are characterized by outstanding levels of innovation and are often years ahead of their time. For example, HOFER REISEN clients can be among the first to test the “RideOn Mohawk”, the first ski and snowboard helmet with augmented reality technology. Vacation packages including rental of the new helmet were available in the Schladming-Dachstein region via HOFER REISEN during the late 2018/2019 winter season. A top trend for summer vacations in Austria is e-bikes. Eurotours offers hotel packages including your own personal e-bike for the duration of your stay at 50 different destinations. In cooperation with Hartje, one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in the D-A-CH region, Eurotours increased the e-bike fleet to over 600 rental bikes in 2018.

“Our strong sales partnerships are the key to our growth as a tour operator. The best-known of these – HOFER REISEN – serves more than half a million clients every year. However, we are also actively promoting our own sales via the Just Away brand and are also successful as a package tour operator for group travel.”

Helga Freund
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